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About us specializes in the creation of report Home Inspection. Originally it was created by four partners working in the areas of home inspection and new information technology. Our company presents itself as the ideal alternative: A team of specialists with the latest technological developments in home inspection. Our mission is to provide through the Internet and "web" effective tools in reporting of inspections including customized tools where inspectors prepare and publish reports on the site rather than using software installed on their computers. The Reports are archived and stored securely on our servers dedicated, providing peace of mind for traditional inspectors. Our goal is to propose a modular framework that can combine multiple functions and business processes, technology or even from various publishers.

Our business model is to market our application not in the form of a product (perpetual license), the inspector would install in-house on his computer, but as an application accessed remotely as a service. Since our purpose is centralized on the Web, we are particularly sensitive to feedback from inspectors use our application. We update our service with new features, often based largely on the feedback from our clients. It's so simple that very soon you cannot live without it! 

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We put pride in what we do, and it is always a pleasure for World to serve you.