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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about enzosolution's application.

What is Enzosolution?

Enzosolution is a software to assist home inspectors in writing rapidly and effective inspection reports.

This is a web based application. This is called software as a service: everything is done in your favourite browser. The information is stored in a database on our server.

This tool is the inspector’s best friend!

Why should I use Enzosolution?

If you spend less time writing reports using our application, you will have more time to make inspections!

How does it work?

There is nothing easier! :

  • Enter the details of the inspection.
  • Load your photos.
  • Complete the questionnaire covering all aspects of the inspection, select your photos and texts from the system text library.
  • Click a button and a pdf file is generated! Voila!

You can choose to print the report, save it on your computer or have the system send an email for you to your customer indicating how to take delivery of the report. It's very effective!

Your inspection reports and photos are stored on the server for future reference.

What is included in the inspection report?

The report produced by the enzosolution application is a professional looking document covering all aspects of home inspection: interior, exterior, plumbing, electricity, etc... (Over thirty topics). The document produced in electronic format (pdf) contains a cover page with a photo of the property, a personalized courtesy letter, a location image from Google maps showing the location of the property, a summary page showing the important details of the inspection, a notice to the reader, an inspection certificate, a page explaining the limitations of the inspection and finally an invoice which taxes are calculated for you according to the province of residence of your client.

Depending on context, a danger level can be associated to abnormal issues during the creation of the report. These issues are highlighted in the report to make them easily noticeable by the reader. Your pictures can also be incorporated throughout the report wherever you decide that some items need to be illustrated and commented.

Your contact information and logo, stored in your personal profile, are automatically incorporated into the document to save you time.Home assistance

What are the System Requirements?

In order to use EnzoSolution, you will need:

  • a computer (PC or Mac) with your favourite browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome)
  • an Internet connection.
  • Adobe acrobat reader to open the report files in pdf format. You can download it here:
    Adobe Acrobat

Home assistance

What is the required configuration of your browser?

Make sure that your browser permits the following options:

  • Your browser must accept cookies.
  • Your browser must allow the use of Javascript.
  • Your browser must allow popup windows from

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How do I enable cookies?

Cookies are accepted by default on all browsers.

  • Internet Explorer : Choose Tools> Internet Options ..., go Privacy tab, click the Advanced button, check Ignore automatic cookie handling "and then in the Cookies section, check enable.
  • Firefox : Tools menu> Options ..., go to the Privacy tab and Check Accept cookies.
  • Safari : Safari menu> Preferences ..., go to the Security tab and Select Accept cookies: Always (or only from sites consulted).

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How do I enable Javascript?

Javascript is enabled by default on all browsers.

  • Internet Explorer : Choose Tools> Internet Options ..., go Security tab, click the Custom level ..., Class Scripting> Active Scripting, select Enable.
  • Firefox : Tools menu> Options ..., go to the Content tab and Check Enable Javascript.
  • Safari : Safari menu> Preferences ..., go to the Security tab and Select Web Content: Enable JavaScript.

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I cannot read PDF files created by the application

The PDF files generated by are in PDF 1.7 format. If you have problems make sure that you have the latest version of the software Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You can download it here:
Adobe Acrobat

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Is the confidentiality and security of my data insured?

We take great care to ensure the confidentiality and security of your data. Our servers are dedicated machines, managed by a professional hosting company with experience in confidentiality and security issues. The servers are of course protected against power outages and located in rooms where access is strictly controlled. We perform a backup of all data each night so that in case of serious incident we can restore data from the previous day.

Access to your data is protected by password.

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Is considered one of best software available in its category?

If ease of use, speed and efficiency in writing inspection reports are important to you, then yes, the software is unmatched. Home assistance

Are there hidden costs?

Absolutely not. You pay a monthly fee only. Home assistance

What is the concept of account groups?

We can link multiple user accounts into a group. Group members share the same bank of texts. The group administrator has access to the data of all members of his group.

It is also possible to have an account of type 'receptionist' to make appointments for all members of the group. Clients coordinates and properties details entered in the system by the receptionist are reused when the inspector produce the report, another time saver!

This type of configuration has been designed for companies with many inspectors or a group of Inspectors franchisees for instance. Home assistance

Will I have to update my software?

No. Since all the software logic resides on our servers, you always have the latest software version in your Internet browser. Home assistance

How is the subscription process?

To subscribe to our application, visit our on-line boutique and create your account. You can then immediately start using all the software functions. Home assistance

What is the subscription rate?

Please visit our Rates page Home assistance