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1. Acceptance Of Terms Of Use:

Please carefully read these terms of use before any action on your part to mean that you comply with these terms in: (a) performing a subscription through and / or (b) using the Website otherwise. If you're not agreeing with these terms of use, and what in their entirety, please do not use this Website. If you continue to use this site this means that you certify to have read the Terms of Use of

2. Intellectual Property Rights:

This entire site is covered by Canadian law and international copyright and industrial property. All rights are reserved, including iconographic and photographs. The User may not reproduce, edit, translate and / or adapt, in part or in whole, for consideration or free, the Website and each of its component parts, and reproduce and / or represent any such translations, adaptations and modifications, partially or completely, or without charge, without prior written permission from the society. The reproduction of texts or illustrations on paper is permitted only in compliance with the following condition:

Free distribution:

Respect for the integrity of the documents reproduced (no modifications or alteration), clear and legible from the source as follows: "Document from the website of Rights are reserved and strictly limited ". 

3. Responsibility:

The User acknowledges that he must exercise discretion in the use of editorial content and bear all risks including related, especially when it relies on the timeliness, usefulness or completeness of the editorial content, and any checks under his responsibility. The team provides all the care it considers necessary to Editorial content of the constitution. However does not warranty as to the reliability of the information content of editorial. To Title, cannot be held liable for damages resulting from use for any purpose whatsoever, information constituting the editorial content. 

The reference site for issues housing, housing and inspection is the official website of the Company Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC):

The site contains Hyperlinks among others to the CMHC and to other websites operated by third parties. can exercise no control over these sites or assume any liability for their content. The inclusion of such links does not mean approves content of these sites. cannot be held responsible content of these sites, and the fact that these sites are listed on the site does not involve the responsibility of

In other words, does not provide any warranty regarding: 

  • The accuracy, timeliness, quality, completeness and comprehensiveness content of indexed websites;
  • The relevance and comprehensiveness of websites indexed; 
  • The difficulties of access and operation of these websites. 

The User acknowledges that:

The use of the application of is at its peril including the uploading of data or files 
could harm their computer. The responsibility can particularly be committed for any loss of data, viruses, bugs computer or damage to his computer; does not guarantee the adequacy of the proposed service and User expectations; cannot be held liable for damage resulting from technical factors including the unavailability of its website Web and defects affecting the operation thereof; cannot be held responsible if a user says given a non-exact on his inspection report; not be held liable for any direct or indirect losses such as financial shortfall, some disorder nature whatsoever which may result from the use or inability to use the services offered.

4. Acceptance Of Risks Of The Internet:

The User declares familiar Internet features and its limits and in particular acknowledges: 

  • That the Internet is an open network cannot be controlled by and exchanges data over the Internet have only a relative reliability, and are protected against the risks of diversions or pirating; 
  • That the communication of information to the user character is made sensitive to its own risk; 
  • Have knowledge of the nature of the Internet and in particular its technical performance and response time to consult interrogate or transfer data information. cannot guarantee that the information exchanged will not be intercepted by third parties, and that the confidentiality of trade will warranty.

5. Accessibility To Services: tries wherever possible to keep open its website 7 days on 7 and 24 hours on 24 but may interrupt access, particularly for reasons of maintenance and upgrades or for any other reason, particularly technical. is not responsible these interruptions and the consequences that may result for User. reserves the right to deny any User access to all or part of the Site unilaterally and without prior notice particularly in cases of clear violation of these Terms use. 

The User acknowledges cannot be held responsible any direct or indirect occurred due to the removal of access User the Site. reserves the right not to be compatible with all browser market and the various versions associated with these browsers. is compatible with Internet Explorer 8.x, FireFox 3.x, Chrome,Safari 4.x and 4.x If a user experiences a malfunction with browser other than those mentioned above, it should update its browser o r change browser. cannot be held liable if a browser cannot use all features

6. Conditions Of Access To Services:

6.1 Conditions Of Access To Services Free :

Access to Editorial Content Site is totally free and open source.

6.2 Conditions Of Access To Specific Services Free:

The use of the application requires compliance by Users of a registration procedure by which the latter must provide contact information. The User agrees that the information provided, including personal information, is accurate, complete and timely and make the changes necessary for this purpose. 

You agree, as a user, receiving at most once a week, a possible offer commercial email sent by or its partners. At any time, you can refuse receipt of such offers. Each advertisement contains a link to stop shipments and your unsubscribe. 

Under this procedure, the User declares that he read and accepted these terms and conditions expressly of use at the date of the registration site and creation of his account Any acceptance expressed by User by clicking on the button "Register" is the same signature as his handwritten signature. By realizing that click the User is deemed to have irrevocably agreed. 

7. Personnal Data - Confidentiality Of Data Collected: is a collection of information provided by users. The information we collect is intended to better inform you and do in any case be transferred to third parties without your consent. 

Under Canadian law, you have a right to access, modify, correct and delete data of your concern. To do so, simply send an e-mail .

However, the user can delete his account directly from the interface used to update their personal information. 

Users are solely responsible for removing their personal information. If the User has removed his information inadvertently cannot be held responsible for this deletion. If User request to reset his account, he alone is responsible for the deletion of his data, even if deletes data from the user on behalf of the User. undertakes to use its best efforts to protect data Personal, to prevent it from being distorted, damaged or disclosed to unauthorized third parties pursuant to "laws on access to Information and Protection of Privacy in Quebec "and" laws Canadian privacy of personal information. On any email sent through this site, thank you note that:

  • Secrecy of correspondence sent via the Internet is not guaranteed; 
  • Emails are stored on computer at least the time necessary for the administration to provide a response or processing your request. 

Furthermore, You understand that irreparable damage because of the use by you or others, the application or unsolicited email in violation of these Terms use, and that is empowered to obtain measures injunctive relief against such transmission (in addition to other remedies available by law or in equity). is reserves the right to block, filter or delete any unsolicited email. .

8. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction:

This agreement on conditions of service is governed by the laws applicable in the province of Quebec. You hereby acknowledge that any dispute arising out of or related to use of the application and site Internet will be subject to the jurisdiction of district courts Montreal,Quebec. 

9. Affiliation is not affiliated in any way with the AIBQ.

Note: The terms and provisions of the contract may change at any time and shall come into force automatically.