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End User License

This End User License Agreement constitutes a legal agreement between you, as an individual (inspector) or company (Group) and

Please read these terms and conditions before subscribing to a application under the ownership of prior to any use or application. 

The software is protected by copyright and you are granted a license under the cover of this contract, in no case does this software you sold. By subscribing to this software, you acknowledge having read this contract, having included in its entirety, and have accepted and be admitted bound by the terms of this contract. If you do not agree with you there comply, you must click on the button below "I agree not "put an end to the download process and refrain accessing or using the software. This contract represents the contract as entirety between you and With repsect to the software and this agreement cancels and replaces any prior porposal, representation or agreement you could be in with in the context of the application or software

1 - Subscription Software: hereby grants you, and you agree, a single fee and limited use of the application (software) in object code only machine readable, and the manual and user guide ("Documentation") accompanying the Software under this Agreement. For the purposes of this Agreement, the "Software" includes all updates, improvements, changes, revisions or additions to the Software made by and made available to end users ("Inspectors") through the Web Site of There is no requirement to implement levels of service quality (ALS), to provide updates, upgrades, modifications, revisions or additions to the Software.

1.1 - Duty of agrees to allow access to the software registration key validated during the subscription period or sent to (if not the month) email client after settlement of the period. assumes no liability whatsoever for the information which are disseminated through the application does not exercise any control priori information. The user ("Inspector") pays a certain amount every month according to the number of users (individual / group) and the module chosen. Ceasing to use of this application, the contract ends and purely simply. undertakes to provide the customer an offer or delivery including custom modifications made according to the needs of customer.

1.2 - Copies and Modifications:

You may not decompile, deconstruct, disassemble or interpret otherwise the software. You cannot modify or adapt the Software otherwise. You can make a copy of the Documentation and 
any other given in your possession, solely for archival or storage. Any copy of information in the application containing or Documentation includes copyright or other notice properties that are included on such materials during their first reception. Unless otherwise provided in this Section, no copies of given application, the Documentation or any part thereof, 
can be done by yourself or another person under your authority or control. 

1.3 Assignment of Rights:

You may not rent or lend your access rights relating to the Software or documentation as awarded by this Agreement to any third party without the prior written consent of  

2 - Intellectual property and confidentiality of information:

2.1 - Report of Use. reserves the right to collect data on the IP addresses of servers, domain accounts and all other information found to be relevant, to ensure that the use ridge the application complies with the terms of this License Agreement User. Any unauthorized user will be considered by as part of a violation of the End User License Agreement. You accept these terms and agree not to block, electronically or otherwise, the transmission of data required enabling compliance with this Agreement. Any blocking of data required for compliance under the guise of this Agreement is considered a violation respect of this Agreement and will result in a termination without delay. 

2.2 - Confidentiality:

Only users authorized by you, and who have a right access obtained legitimately, will be entitled to use the Software or view the documentation. Unless expressly provided in this Agreement, 
you can make it available to third in the Software Documentation or any other data related to the application. You will deploy all efforts to cooperate with and help to identify and prevent unauthorized use, copying or disclosure of the Software, Documentation or any part thereof.

3 - Conditions for access to the application:

3.1 - Username and Password:

The software is accessible through a remote connection through ID and password approved by At the conclusion of contract a username and password at least 6 characters 
alphanumeric are confirmed to the customer ("Inspector"). Control uniqueness is performed by the system. For the reasons of security and confidentiality, only the combination of these two codes allows the customer access the software. The username and password valid proof of identity of the client and on the binding any use made through it. They will value of electronic signature. THE CLIENT is responsible for full and exclusive of his / her login and password. He alone bears the consequences that may result from usage by others who were aware of them. In case of lost password, THE CLIENT may request the sending of the password confirmed at the underwriting the subscription.

3.2 - Operating Procedure and Evidence:

Once the customer's identity verified through its identifier and its password, one count of use of the application is triggered. The parties agree that the use of the account by the CLIENT itself or by third will show them the acceptance of transaction, regardless of the amount and regardless of the medium used. These rules of evidence are an irrefutable presumption. 

The recording systems are considered to be the proof of date and duration of usage. All elements relating to use of the account will be retained and archived by As a result, it will be prevailed, particularly for evidentiary purposes, any act, file, registration, monitoring report, statistics on all media including computer medium created, received or retained directly or indirectly by in a database. 

4 - Software Maintenance and Support:

The client must report any malfunction or software application by filing an email. The subscriber can make a request for assistance to to the following email address:

A technician will respond by email as soon as possible. The mailboxes are consulted every morning and at least once a day and worked out period of leave. This service is available every working day from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 and 14:00 at 17:00. In addition to this message, each case of discrepancies identified by the customer will result in the establishment by the latter, an application written response containing all the information necessary identification and correction of the fault.

This request for intervention must be sent by email. Given the information provided by the customer, endeavour to resolve the malfunction identified by the client. This procedure is a prerequisite for any other intervention on our part. Regardless of the intervention maintenance, can provide the customers upon request, benefits of an additional technical assistance or training. These benefits will provided, depending on availability of, the rate in force on the day the customer's request. 

5 - Term and Termination:

This agreement is effective upon your acceptance of it, or as soon your subscription, access and use the Software. This agreement shall be effective until terminated. Without prejudice to the respect of any other law, this agreement shall automatically terminate if you do not comply with restrictions or other requirements described herein. You terminate this Agreement at any time of subscription: (i) expressing your available by writing to terminate the contract concluded between and you and or remit (ii) the Documentation and all copies thereof, and all access obtained by you from, or destroy such materials and provide written proof of such destruction. may terminate this EULA if you breach any terms of this agreement by sending you a written notice of your failure and the decision to terminate this agreement 

6 - Appeal:

If you learn that the Software is subject to an act or threat of negligence or hacking, or if a complaint for negligence or act of Piracy is against you by someone other related your use of the Software, you must immediately inform the negligent act of piracy or complaint. will determine at discretion, what action to take with respect to the foregoing and shall assume the defence or bear the cost of such action (except in the limit, if existing, such a dispute or such costs from your negligence).

7 - Waiver: denies all warranties of any kind, express or nature implied, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, within authorized by law. Without limiting the foregoing, does not expressly guarantee that the software will meet your requirements or that the operation of the software is interrupted or free from error. You assume responsibility for selecting the application to meet your results, and results because of your software. You bear all risk as to the quality and performance software.

8 - Limitation of Liability:

The aggregate liability of to you or any third party in connection with you for any loss or damage resulting from any claims, reports inspections, or actions arising with this contract, including but without limitations on indemnification obligations of property rights Enzosolution's intellectual, should be limited to the amount of subscription fees paid by you to In no event shall be liable to you or any third party in connection with you or any consequential damages, incident, consequential, special, exemplary or punitive, or loss profit even if was held advised of the possibility of such damages.