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Home Inspection Report

Application Enzo Solution

Most inspectors believe that the most unpleasant task of an inspector is drafting its report. Many of you have developed their own report, while others use software designed for the inspection of buildings. In many cases, the result achieved is acceptable but for others the result is often disappointing. In addition, the inspectors who want access to inspection data in real time are unanimous on the fact that connectivity is a major problem for them.

The application allows you to create professional quality reports quickly and easily. It complies with Canadian guidelines for home inspection reports and includes a system of assistance that can help you at any time.

Our application includes an intuitive menu system that lets you in two clicks of the mouse include components in your inspection report. You also have access to a vast library of text and a self billing system fair and fit your budget. allows you to create home inspection reports that can be printed, sent over the Web and even burned to a CD-ROM in an interactive format.

The application is fully configured for building inspections and provides all functions necessary to produce a professional report in the format and sequence that you want. Your report should not necessarily be like every other inspector.

An integrated intelligence system: is the only application with its teaching interactive shows you how to easily perform some parts of the home inspection using real images with a simple drag and drop, provided by the Canadian Society of Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Through its illustrations, the application provides the typical problems you find during your home is constantly expanding with new features that are always available to our customers for free.

Whether you perform building inspections, Plain Foot, Cottage, Condominium, Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex and Homes Multiples offers an easy way to create flexible, customized reports that meet your exact needs. You can edit or add your own comments and recommendations and create your own forms and reporting templates.

An inspection report in digital form:

With the advent of information technology and communication, the use of paper forms, regresses, gradually replaced by the simpler and faster procedures online. you can avoid problems caused by paper forms used by most inspectors as a tool for collecting data including:

  • The damage, loss or even filling a group of ambiguous or invalid data in the form.
  • The double entry that significantly slows business processes and introduces errors and needless costs.
  • The classification, archiving and storage, even after the data are transcribed.

An inspection report in the digital version offers huge time savings in research and also in the update report. These are the two main reasons for promoting digital with inspectors. Your inspection report in the digital version has the talent to follow you almost anywhere without cluttering up your suitcase, it is in fact available anywhere there is a connection (internet) ....Then sign up for!